rüts 3/3
Various Artists
rüts 3/3
cat. RÜTS3
release 12" + digital
release date November 2008
mastering D&M
distribution Rubadub

Due to a mistake in the printing process for the cover of the third rüts release, the track listing for the Vakula and Even Tuell tracks got turned around. The second track on the A-Side is thus by Vakula and the first track on the B-Side is by Even Tuell. Our apologies for any confusion caused and most certainly to the two artists affected by this mistake.


Each release so far has featured relatively well-known producers alongside ultra-underground ones. What all the tracks on meakusma releases have in common is an accomplished disdain for stylistic conventions that would make them easily identifiable as house or techno. (House beats on chugging minimal/techno numbers are common, although this is never a hard-and-fast rule.
The easiest comparison is probably the equally-limited releases on Workshop. That label also puts out records that eschew easy inclusion in one sub-genre or another: Instead, like meakusma, the focus is on a stripped-down form of what RA’s Peter Chambers has simply called “groove-based electronic music.”
The Ukranian producer Vakula is on that ultra-underground side with “We Shall Dance,” which starts messily until a friendly house beat emerges, albeit one garnished by a host of loose elements, some of which sound like another record being mixed in out of phase. German duo Immer.Chic’s “The End Of Eternity” is straighter. Whispered synths and vocal snippets fade in and out, before ghostly breakdowns pivot things in one slightly unexpected direction and another…
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A cracking selection for the third in this excellent series. Covering a fair range of styles again (well, within the techno sphere anyway) you get cuts from Move D & Benjamin Brunn, Even Tuell, Immer.Chic and Vakula. All are on the deep side with lovely chords and elements of funkiness, but the different approcahes are really nice. Vakula’s cut has an almost Moodymann vibe to it, whilst D & Brunn deliver deliver a textbook minimal, yet melodic cut. A grand finale (well, I think it’s the finale anyway).


A varied pack of fresh and esoteric techno and deeper house productions compiled by the meakusma crew in the 3rd of their limited run. Immer chic provides a cool techno abstraction on ‘The End Of Eternity’ with swirling atmospheres and dislocated field recordings making for a strange and curious trip. Even Tuell’s ‘Thanden Strakk’ is a a trippy beatdown number with vintage Radiophonic soundscapes making for an unusual combination, Vakula’s ‘We Shall Dance’ continues the abtstract dance theme with a weirdly wired slice of techno and Move D hooks up with Benjamin Brunn for the seductively sedated ‘Vorhaus’ crafted for the minimal slackers and electronic house heads.


Focusing on the more experimental side of house and techno, meakusma bring us the third of three EP’s in their rüts series. meakusma is the spin off label from the Brussels based club night of the same name whose upcoming line-ups include Surgeon, Shed & Aardvarck as well as guest slots abroad. For their third rüts EP, meakusma have brought together their most house friendly line up with tracks from 2008 heroes Move D & Benjamin Brunn, Vakula, Even Tuell and the more mysterious Immer.Chic…
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3rd in a series of EPs with deeper house & techno tunes – Recommended!


Die dritte EP der ziemlich perfekten Serie beginnt mit dem warmen digital knisternden Monster von Immer.Chic, in dem sich die Beats sehr locker machen und die Stimmung in einem weithergereisten Gesang zwischen den detroitigen Melodien immer unheimlicher und deeper wird. Vakula aus der Ukraine zeigt, dass man immer noch galaktischen Funk in ungeahnten Beatstrukturen machen kann, eigentlich sogar sollte, und Even Tuell erfindet sich völlig eigene Dubwelten mit zitternden Melodien und unerwarteten Instrumenten. Als Abschluss dann noch der starke und ultradichte Track von Move D & Benjamin Brunn, die den Sound ihres Albums hier auf eine noch halluziniertere Weise weiterführen. Brilliant, das alles. Zu den Relases gibt es übrigens auch noch eine DVD.