Studio Néau

Studio Néau Eupen
On January 29th, we inaugurated Studio Néau, a free community radio station run from a converted shipping container in the Loten Park in Eupen. In 2018, the city of Eupen had an open call, asking for initiatives that could give the park a new vibe. From this, the idea of running a radio station from the park was born. Studio Néau will feature dedicated Meakusma-related shows next to shows done by local people, in line with the socio-cultural perspective of the radio station, giving opportunities to those looking for a platform. There will also be workshops for young people of the region, intent on teaching them how to produce a radio show. Studio Néau can be listened to online and onsite. All shows will also be archived, so everyone can tune in to a show whenever they see fit.


Kiosk Radio

Kiosk Radio2
Now in its second year, the Outsiders Series at Brussels-based Kiosk Radio features an extensive array of radio residencies by labels, collectives, agencies, venues and clubs from all over the world. The roster is diverse and profound and Meakusma is very happy to have been involved in this since the beginning. Every month since January 2021, we have provided DJ sets and interviews with artists that have released or will release music on the Meakusma as well as other guests. All shows are archived and available through the Kiosk Radio website.


Lyl Radio

LYL Radio has been operating from Les Ateliers Sumo in Lyon since 2015, opening a second outlet in Paris in 2016 and one in Brussels in 2020. Meakusma has been contributing bi-monthly shows since September 2021, featuring an office ambiance of sorts next to some of the music we release ourselves. All shows are archived on the LYL Radio website.



 22291145_2133174096910295_8425186828917041137_oThe German leg of the renown Dublab Radio station was a fixed partner of the Meakusma Festival from 2016 to 2019, producing live radio from the festival site in true marathon fashion. Together with Dublab, in 2020, we also produced a series of dedicated podcasts, presenting a series of talks and interviews picking up on articles and topics featured in the Meakusma Magazin, the print publication curated by Wolfgang Bruneis of a-Musik. All the Meakusma Festival shows as well as the podcast series are still available through the Dublab website. Various podcasts are also being broadcast on Studio Néau, the new community radio project based in Eupen.



WAV Radio
 WAV of We Are Various is an online community radio station based in Antwerp. In 2018 and 2019, they featured a selection of Meakusma Festival specials that are still available through the WAV website.


The Word Radio

 From 2017 till 2020, Meakusma had a monthly show on Brussels-based The Word Radio. All shows are still available through their website, including some live performances at the Meakusma Festival by people such as Asmus Tietchens and Koki Emura.



Future Stops

 Future Stops is an initiative of the Royal Canadian College of Organists, dealing with the 21st century organ experience. On the occasion of Charlemagne Palestine’s theeOorgannnissstheeGgreattestttSsynthesizerrrEverrrrrrrr release on Meakusma, we set up an interview with Palestine for this stunning podcast series. Razen, who released the mesmerising The Night Receptionist on Meakusma in 2018, were also featured in a Future Stops podcast special.