Meakusma Magazin

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Chief editor: Wolfgang Brauneis
Design: Ina Kurthen
Translation: Maren Barton
Published by: Meakusma


Goethe InstitutOstbelgien

Meakusma Magazin #2



  • From Advanced to Z
    A positively incomplete, commented index of ten years of reiheM
    Hanna Bächer


  • “Always Question Everything”
    A conversation with metatexts between NTS radio host Michael Leuffen and Detlef Weinrich aka Tolouse Low Trax, the Düsseldorf-based producer, band member of Kreidler and Toresch as well as founder of the Salon Des Amateurs, about what being an artist currently entails
    Michael Leuffen





Philippe Delvosalle