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Chief editor: Wolfgang Brauneis
Design: Meeuw
Translation: Wolfgang Brauneis, Victor Lortie, Rafael Severi
Published by: Meakusma


Goethe InstitutOstbelgien IFB

Meakusma Magazin #6


• 30 years of Säkhö
In conversation with Tommy Grönlund
Hanna Bächer


Conceptual sound between club and museum
Stefan Römer


On Broken Music vol. 2 and Jacques Charliers’ Art in Another Way
Hans-Jürgen Hafner


 In conversation with Frank Bretschneider
Oliver Schweinoch


In conversation with Christoph Heemann
Michael Leuffen

•The whole desert is a pause
Brenda Guesnet


Common Time
Matt McDermott & J.Tripp


Musik über Schnarchitektur
Julian Weber


Patient Null
Dirk Specht