meakusma at Musikmarathon Eupen

Stage 42
Gospert 42
4700 Eupen

Rotenbergplatz 12
4700 Eupen

Start: 16.00
Entry: 12€

Start: 22.00
Entry: 5
Free with Eupen Musik Marathon Ticket

meakusma at Musikmarathon Eupen






For the first time, meakusma curates the ëGospert 42í open air stage, fully dedicated to electronic music in all possible shapes, at the Eupen Musik Marathon. From 2pm till 9.30pm, a select group of artists (many of them linked to the meakusma label) will make your ears buzz with their intense and intensely beautiful sounds on a state of the art Funktion One Soundsystem. At 10pm, thereís an after party at the Atlantic Restaurant, a nice restaurant/cocktail bar close to the Josephine Koch park.
[sic!] will be headlining the outdoor part to present their upcoming release on the meakusma label. This ëyoungí band can work up a Disco storm that goes far beyond retro kitsch or the immediate necessities of the dancefloor. Jules Etienne, Massimiliano Pagliara and Alessandro Tartari use analogue synths, drum machines and bass guitar to produce a sound that references sci-fi film music, the sound of the 80ís in the Paradise Garage and Italo Disco.
Juju and Jordash are forerunners when it comes to performing electronic music live. Echoing Detroit Techno, Dub, Jazz, Krautrock and Postrock, their performances have a Free Jazz feel, leaving options and solutions wide open. They have released on Psychostasia, Real Soon and Dekmantel, releases that have brought them worldwide acclaim and a big following, with fans digging their open minded approach towards music production and performance.
DJ Morpheus, a.k.a. Sammy Birnbach is a legend. In the 70ís and 80ís, he acquired notoriety as the singer of the seminal New Wave/Post Punk band Minimal Compact. In the 90ís, he worked as A&R man for SSR, where he was responsible for the essential Freezone Ambient Music compilations and also brought Carl Craigís masterpiece More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art to the labelís roster. Still as vital and in tune as always, Morpheus still travels the world, spinning his inimitable brand of eclectic dance music aimed at your head and feet.
Madteo also releases on meakusma. His music is a subtle mixture of Hiphop, House and Electronica. Genre-bending and abstract, his releases have an understated feel that bring their message to you in fragments and whispers. Less is more for this New York resident, although his subtle approach can just as easily entrance an audience that is up for it.
Julian Jöckel hails from Darmstadt and has for years been one of the favourite DJís of the meakusma camp. As half of the Immer.Chic project, he has released on Altered Moods and meakusma and is going to release a track on the next Workshop compilation. His Midnight Opera mixes are full of rarities and weird finds and have gathered him a following of people looking further.
Sensu is an old school DJ not interested in old school things. As the son of a classical singer, he has always been surrounded by challenging music. His own DJ sets combine many different styles and genres that are or either feel electronic. He has been a resident in Recyclart, CafÈ Belga, Wax Club and plays all over Belgium and sometimes abroad as well.


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