Massimiliano Pagliara


Massimiliano Pagliara

Massimiliano Pagliara was born in 1978, in Tricase (Lecce), Italy. Even as a child, he was always listening to diverse types of music: rap, classical, reggae, dub, and 60’s rock and roll. Hailing from this small village, he and his friends created a little musical world onto themselves, spending almost every day playing records in his basement and at private parties. Upon moving to Milan to study in 1997, Massi embarked on an academic career, eventually earning his diploma in theater-dance and choreography at the Scuola d’ Arte Drammatica “Paolo Grassi” in 2001. All the while, he was discovering the fashionable and alternative city’s club scene, his imagination captured by experimental electronic music such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Autechre, and Mira Calix. Naturally, these avant-garde sounds eventually found their way into Massi’s original choreography. After school, it was off to the Europe’s underground capital of Berlin. Massi continued his studies in contemporary dance here, but also participated in the explosive techno nightlife, particularly at the now-legendary Ostgut. Massi’s interest in electronic music was peaking and in 2003, he began pursuing DJing with a passion. He has been spinning at some of the most popular underground clubs, venues and bars in town: Club 103, SO36, Week-End, Maria ,Cookies, NBI (Berlin Hilton), Tape club, Pet shop bears, Proxi Club, Sabotage, Paloma bar, Möbel olfe as well as abroad in France, Italy, Denmark, Portugal and Switzerland. Massi describes his style as an eclectic and exotic mix of house, electro and disco. One might call it current, yet classic. DJing has since led to production and today Massi has let his obsession with analog synths run wild. You can usually find him holed up in his apartment studio working on his latest productions. But he’s not always alone. Massi has since been collaborating with luminaries around town such as Gui.Tar, Snax, Lemercier and the Lalaby’s, Daniel Wang and Discodromo. The two members of Gui.Tar and Massi have merged to form [sic!], recently having completed a new album. And be on the lookout for Massi’s latest releases. The Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol.1 compilation on Eskimo Recordings, including his track “BU”, drops October 2008. A 4 track EP on Balihu Records, “Transmissions Florales” will soon follow. About this, Massi’s first vinyl release, label boss Danny Wang concludes, “Now, perhaps more people will hear his special groove. We hope you share our joy, our obsession… and the particular oscillations from this very personal “Transmission Florale”.



Massimiliano Pagliara & Roger 23

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