Lieven Martens Moana

This coming Saturday, Lieven Martens Moana will play live for the opening of the Anya Janssen and Mariko Saito exhibition at the Galerie Vorn und Oben in Eupen.
Lieven Martens Moana, formerly active as Dolphins Into The Future, produces delicate and absorbing music that refers as much to ethnomusicology as it does to sound art and modern classical composition. Highly contemporary and impressionistic, Martens Moana’s music uses analogue and digital recording techniques and is live often magnified by spoken word and slide projections. His inspiration often comes from faraway places and islands, giving his music an exploratory, poetic and post-romantic feel.
His recently released Idylls album was hailed as a lush and ornate exploration into classical and modern classical form that also further develops his famous take on new age and exotica through highly impressionistic musical modes and dedicated field recordings.
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25.03.16 – Foyer

On March 25, meakusma goes back to the Foyer of the Jünglingshaus in Eupen presenting two unconventional concerts by Jens-Uwe Beyer from Cologne and Finnish-Swedish artist Tsembla.
Jens-Uwe Beyer is known for being one of the founding members of ‘All-Star Band’ Cologne Tape and for running the Cologne-based Magazine label together with Barnt and Crato. He has frequently contributed music to the Pop Ambient compilations on Kompakt before founding his own PNN label. he has released solo work on Magazine, Kompakt Pop, PNN and Italic. His The Emissary album is a deceptively tranquil and beautiful ambient music outing that houses deep and brooding undercurrents. As very much the case with the producers linked to the Magazine label, The Emissary carries a subtle statement in its tendency to focus on explicit beauty and combining that tendency with refined avant garde techniques. Beyer’s music essentially makes the wayward accessible.
Tsembla is the music project of Finland-based artist Marja Johansson. She uses a plethora of instruments, objects, samples and electronic devices conjuring up twisted melodies, fluttering rhythms, abstract voices and mutating textures, all the while balancing between the known and the imaginary. Her latest piece Terror & Healing, released on New Images in 2015, is edgy and raw. Full of detail, her compositions come close to pop music due to her whimsical use of instruments and her defined DIY approach.
Playing records before, in between and after is ML from Cologne. He is responsible for the 150 Session radio show on Radio Cómeme and NTS and bears eclecticism close to his heart, touching upon avant-techno, rural voices, jazz, psychedelic and minimal music.
Doors open at 20h. Concerts start at 21h30.
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