18.02.17 - Foyer
18.02.17 – Foyer

On February 18, our listening concert series Foyer returns. On the bill are Mei Tahat and Terrence Grindrocket, presenting their unheard and wayward sounds in the relaxed setting of the Jünglingshaus in Eupen.
Jordan “Jordash” Czamanski and Ilya Ziblat Shay are Mei Tahat. As a part of Juju & Jordash, Jordan has developed an unmistakably playful and improvised take on jazz and Detroit techno and house through a slur of releases on labels such as Dekmantel and Rush Hour. Although jazz and techno have many connections such as their African roots, their oft instrumental and urban nature and although the first wave of Detroit techno producers call their techno music high-tech jazz or high-tech soul, the results of the fusion of jazz with electronic music are often unsatisfactory, unfocused and trite. Juju & Jordash bring the attitude of jazz to electronic music and the results are authentic, wild and free. Together with Ziblat Shay, Jordash goes one step further. Shay is all about the search for expression of musical freedom within compositional structures and thereby amplifies Jordash’s approach. With double bass and electronics, they go daring ways, best described as tropical free jazz, sharp synthesizer shreds and atonal Balearic melodies.
Terrence Grindrocket, better knows as Mark Cremins, is one of the driving forces behind the Amsterdam label and record shop Rush Hour. Under his Terrence Grindrocket moniker, he combines self-made percussion instruments with tapes, effect pedals, a sampler and electronic sound generators to conjure up an expressive and immersive
live music experience.
Before, in between and after the concerts, DJ Mixsoup will play records. Mixsoup lives in Berlin, works for the Brussels cult label Sub Rosa and plays records crossing genres without hesitation.
Because of a change in conditions, we have to adapt our ticket prices. A normal ticket now costs 12 euro. We are however introducing a student and youth discount resulting in a 7 euro ticket.
Doors open at 20h. Concerts start at 21h30.
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