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Meakusma pair the rugged spirit of Viola Klein with mutual soul Julion De’Angelo for a deeply raw but stellar split .
Over the past three years Meakusma has been home to Viola Klein’s properly US-rooted style of bluesy, heavily soulful house, so it only makes sense they’ve also got time for the equally ruffcut and soulful burn of North Carolina’s Julion De’Angelo, who cut his teeth with a 12” for Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature in 2017, and a follow-up mix CD last year.
De’Angelo takes it from the front with eight minutes of the itchiest, frictional beatdown syncopation, woozy chords and oneiric choral voices in ’N’aie Pas Peur (Exchange Mix)’, next to the scuffed swivel and languorous keys of the ‘Don’t Be Scurred’ variation.
Viola Klein beautifully keeps up her end of the bargain in three parts, setting the scene with talking drums and velvet-draped chords in ‘We Part One’, before cutting loose on a wild 150bpm sort of psycho-jit-jazz tip lit up with sampler-punched strings and keys like Omar-S on a mad one with Howard Thomas, while ‘We Another Part’ lets the talking drums go wild against purple-hued chords in a style recalling classic Urban Tribe.

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