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arkoada x meakusma

This coming weekend, in Berlin, don’t miss out on Meakusma x Arkaoda.
From November 12th till 14th, together with the great Arkaoda club in Berlin, we have set up a genuine three-nighter, featuring live performances and DJ-sets by Julia Reidy, Spivak, Thomas Bush, Laila Sakini, Bassae, Pretty Sneaky, Arthur, Gazza, Malvern Brume, TIBLSC, ML, Edition D’Art, 2 Morph, Sensu, Fog Puma, Iris, Yeahlena, Ugne Uma and Meakusma DJs. Two years ago, Arkaoda invited us to do a Meakusma night, we are thrilled to now go back.
From Julia Reidy’s music for processed and acoustic instruments, conjuring up non-traditional song forms which combine unstable harmonic territories, rhythmic elasticity and abstract narrative over-stretched, episodic forms, to Spivak, whose work is a play on the nuances and poetics of pop, her live performances jumping from intimate sonic liturgies to bursts of energetic and often deconstructed 90s inspired techno, to Thomas Bush who produces impressionist and experimental work full of distanced reflection and heartfelt alienation, to Laila Sakini’s work full of emotional breadth and ennui using a modest palette of piano, electronics and voice, to Pretty Sneaky who fuses dub basslines and dub aesthetics with free jazz-dynamics and who recently released on EP on Meakusma, to Malvern Brume whose experimental sound pieces move in an idiom all his own, to TIBSLC’s hazily ambiguous yet meticulously detailed sounds, hypersensitive to fleeting midnight moods, and many more. The full three days at Arkaoda will showcase some of the very unique talents at work in contemporary and electronic music.


Ostbelgien Province-de-Liege

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