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Tributary Songs

Many thanks to everyone buying the Tributary Songs compilation we put out on August 18th. Tributary Songs was a first for Meakusma in that we had never done a charitable release before. Given the dire situation our region was in after the July floods, we felt we had no choice. We are very happy to be able to say now that Tributary Songs has been a success, having garnered a 1169 euro profit that will go entirely to the flood relief funds of the cities and communes of Eupen, Verviers and Limbourg in Eastern Belgium. We are still thrilled with the musical quality of all contributions and stand to thank all involved artists, granting us the use of their music for what we believe was and is a noble and necessary cause. All future profits made from the compilation will also go the the right channels of the aforementioned cities and communes. The July floods meant we had to cancel the Meakusma Weekend. Here’s to hoping we can all see each other again next year, hopefully for a regular Meakusma Festival.

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