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A Lion Is A Lion And Not A Lamb

Joachim Nordwall returns to his The Idealist moniker for another tight collection of dubby hardware electronics, absorbing acid, techno and industrial shakes. One fer fans of Psychic TV, Muslimgauze, and Ron Morelli.
Kicking off with a title track that sounds like Muslimgauze duetting with Aaron Dilloway after ingesting a sheet of Grateful Dead-strength acid, “A Lion is a Lion and not a Lamb” is not an album for the faint-hearted. ‘Sliding Between Light and Shadow’ is funkier, offsetting a jackin’ beatbox groove with a repeating voice chanting the title. But it’s when Nordwall claws his way into dubbier territory that the record really takes hold of your brain; on ‘Actionist Dub’ he tweaks a booming low end pulse while psychoactive synths scrape across the sinapses, and on ‘The Revelation’, he slows down acid squelches to a clattering crawl, fading in breath sounds to disorientate and confuse.
The aptly titled snail-paced closing track ‘Slow Dub’ is our pick of the bunch, operating in a low BPM space that highlights Nordwall’s fritzed gear. Each beat sounds as if it’s electrically failing on some level, and the component elements radiate with a ferric warmth that’s just impossible to fake.

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