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This tour presents two distinct approaches toward improvised techno where instruments, technologies and phenomena are combined to illuminate unfolding cycles of rhythm and thought.

ТЕПЛОТА with futurised double bass in a cloud feedback synthesis
+ RIVASCHMID amplifying and re-amplifying wind instruments to lay down a deep, fundamental pulse
– both with techno (in many senses) as an anchor.

Grundik Kasyansky feedback synthesizer
Tom Wheatley double bass + computer
Alex Riva flutes acoustic & amplified
Silvan Schmid trumpet acoustic & amplified


ТЕПЛОТА is the London-based duo of Grundik Kasyansky & Tom Wheatley. Their work interrogates the haptic, social and liberating relationships with technologies old & new; using feedback synthesizer and computational double bass, they fuse a spontaneous interplay orthogonally over cyclical structures, with techno as perpetual fulcrum.
Their debut record HEAT/WORK was released on Cafe OTO’s digital label TakuRoku in late 2020. Realised though a palimpsestic (over)dub process, its two cuts document explorations that orbit 130bpm. Throughout 2021 they are releasing the ЭС series: monthly singles where they further investigate notions of heat, work, cycles and time.




The long-standing Zürich/Maastricht-based duo of flute player Alex Riva and trumpet player Silvan Schmid creates music through improvisation with imaginary concepts that they develop together.


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