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The Word Radio

For the 8th edition of the meakusma show at Brussels-based The Word Radio we are very happy to share an exclusive live recording of Realistic Monk (Carl Stone & Miki Yui) from this years Meakusma Festival.
The show starts with a selection by us followed by the live recording of Realistic Monk
00:00 – 01:20
01. Eli Kezler – Flying Floor For U.S. Airways
02. Günter Schickert – Oase
03. Mkwaju Ensemble – Hot Air
04. Tasos Stamou – Pirates
05. Garland – AMB.GUT
06. Don’t DJ – Two of Pentacles
07. 7FO – Fate
08. Sun Araw – Pommel Top
09. Positive Approach – Head Room
10. Eve Essex – A2
11. Bégayer – Le jeu
12. Mac-Talla Nan Creag – Eternal dawn and gloaming
13. Elodie – Aubade
14. Hans W Koch – Stele für n.o.
01:20 – 02:00
Realistic Monk (Carl Stone & Miki Yui) live from the meakusma festival 2018



Their capacity, demonstrated so brilliantly here, to amass luminous clusters of microsound that pullulate and disappear into themselves as if strained through roving vortices of interference mesh, suction and space litter, I acknowledge that many narratives might be generated by the music of Realistic Monk or simply ingested as the pleasure of finely cooked sound.
(David Toop)

Fibrous and finessed, this is a spark pairing of imaginations
(The Wire / Katrina Dixon)

Subtle, slight and spooky, the pair deploy the tiniest sounds to create soundscapes at the edge of perception. Less cut and glitched than Stone’s solo work, Realistic Monk’s sound seems to hardly be moving at first, only to shift underfoot and reveal delicate oscillations and MSP mappings.

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