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MEAKUSMA MAGAZINE #6 LAUNCH – Presentation, Conversations, DJ Set and Vinyl Market
On the occasion of the sixth edition of the Meakusma Magazine, we kindly invite you to the magazine launch at the new Meakusma office in Eupen. Editor Wolfgang Brauneis will introduce the articles written for the new issue and will be talking to Bernd Herzogenrath, with musical accompaniment, about the new “¬©ovid’s metamorphoses” compilation he produced, recently released on Meakusma. After, there will be a DJ set by Frank Dommert featuring vinyl records from visual artists – one of the themes of the new magazine.
Wolfgang Brauneis (Editor Meakusma Magazine, Cologne)
Bernd Herzogenrath (Goethe University, Frankfurt)
Frank Dommert (a-Musik, Cologne)
Drinks will be provided as well as a small a-Musik and Meakusma record stand.



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