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Outsiders w/ Lorenz Lindner

The musical universe of artist Lorenz Lindner is broad and his new mix for the Meakusma residency of the Outsiders Series on Brussels-Based Kiosk Radio is proof. Producing minimalist club music as Mix Mup, experimentally driven dance music with MM/KM and intimate, slightly off-kilter and abstract sound pieces as Molto, Lindner’s mix features some of the music that inspires his own productions. From Anthony Braxton to 2 Lone Swordsmen, to Susanne Brokesh and Dietrich Schönemann, Lindner shows his non-confrontational stance, resulting in a musical universe that dwells on subtlety, at times absurd reflection and crossing boundaries. His recent Centre De Rencontre album on Meakusma dwells in the beauty of the casual, conjuring up an improvised amalgam of synthesized sounds and amplified acoustic instrumentation.

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