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Soundstream, Ina, Mörser

For over 20 years, Frank Timm’s Soundstream alias has been delving into the roots of disco and house, conjuring up a funked-up, emotive, and futurist version all his own. His never-ending love for the history and beginnings of modern club music shines through in his iconoclastic productions, as they reset the palette and the structure of their influences, guiding them towards the modern dancefloor.
Soundstream will be playing a 4-hour DJ set, so expect disco and Chicago house deities, immortal club classics, obscure dancefloor stormers, and excruciatingly modern dancefloor magic. A Soundstream DJ set is an experience that takes you beyond the disco balls of Jupiter!
Next to Soundstream, Timm is also active as Smith N Hack together with Errorsmith, has a harder, more techno-based sound as Soundhack, and releases more alternative, cutting-edge stuff on his Soundsampler label. In 2021, he unleashed his new Disgo alias, releasing the earth-shattering Trick or Track EP.
DJ support comes from Ina and Mörser.
– – –
Named after the Italian liqueur, Club Amaro is a new club night series focused on some of dance music’s past manifestations and their current-day incarnations. Rimini by Lake Eupen. 99 Prince Street by the High Fennes.
Make sure to buy yourself a ticket in advance. Capacity is limited!
“I’m not sure if it was heaven or hell. But it was wonderful.”
Jimmy Carter’s mother, Lilian, on her visit to Studio 54.



We Are Various and We Come Together

We Are Various and We Come Together.
Let’s take that online radio offline.
Let’s mix, mingle, merge.
With You, the beautiful community that builds us,
and with
Jeugdbrand + Valentina Magaletti (live)
Kaito Winse + Palmbomen II (live)
Yama, nee?!
Disco Fiasco (live)
Literary Carousel by Letterveld
There will be a panel talk about what the Various in WAV really means or could mean.
There will be a little shop of radio gifts.
There will be food and drinks.
It will be warm, it will be a celebration.
Together with Meakusma, Studio Néau and Het Bos.
With the help from Ostbelgien and the Flemish Community.
Artwork by @salah.vanpuymbroeck



Studio Néau – Sommerloch #3

Das Studio Néau im Park Loten füllt das Sommerloch mit vier Veranstaltungen. Diese finden jeweils sonntags vom 13 bis 20 Uhr statt – zusätzlich zum regulären Programm am Mittwoch, Donnerstag und Samstag. Die Terrasse vor dem Container wird für manche Konzerte im Sommer als Tribüne dienen. Für das Sommerprogramm wird auch die neue Musikanlage ausgepackt.


Elektro Guzzi (live)
& Guests
Am 7. August findet die etablierte, von Johannes Niessen initiierte, Veranstaltungsreihe Sagen Wir Sonntag im Park Loten statt. Meakusma lädt die beeindruckende Live-Techno-Band Elektro Guzzi ein. Zudem wird der Eupener Mr. Lofi seine poppige One-Man-Electro-Live-Show zum Besten geben. Von den Studio Néau Sendungsmacherinnen wird Ina ihren zeitgemäßen Mix zwischen modernen Clubentwürfen, Hip-Hop, Funk, Ghettotech, Reggae, Footwork und vielem mehr präsentieren. Zudem wird es weitere Gast-DJs geben, um den musikalischen Rahmen für dieses Event zwischen Familientreffen und Party zu liefern.

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