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As Above, So Below & Rhythmus 19

 presented by KultKom & meakusma 

Two contrasting performances in which music and image communicate and complement and accentuate each other. While the visuals on the big screen make their impact unfold, the performers contribute live music. The result is an immersive experience for the senses.
  • AS ABOVE, SO BELOW A/V live performance by Mark IJzerman & Sébastien Robert

A/V live performance by Mark IJzerman (visuals) & Sébastien Robert (sound)
“As Above, So Below” explores the changing landscape of the La Araucanía region in southern Chile through live visuals and sound. Sebastien Roberts’ sound studies are based on field recordings and experiments with the tonal variations of the Trutruka, a traditional Mapuche wind instrument of southern Chile, and interact with IJzerman’s visuals which consist of satellite images as well as microscope and drone images.
https://markijzerman.com https://sebastienrobert.nl

  • RHYTHMUS 19 by Cristian Ionescu
“Rhythmus 19” uses experimental silent films ascribed to Dadaism from the 1920s. Texture, exposure, dynamics, form, movement and the rhythm of the images, as well as the characterics of the projected analog film material itself, inform the musical composition. In contrast to classic silent film music, the goal here is to combine image and sound as symbiotically as possible, as well as to show points of convergence and similarities between two do-it-yourself movements separated in time.

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