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Strictly Butter Cuts 1​-​6

Dubbed out, atmospherically drifting Hip Hop-Grime beat excursions

Scuzziest downstrokes of dubbed-out late nite blooz by Butterfred, weighty on the subs and reverberating to the rafters for faded heads on the line between Tom Boogizm, Purelink, Michael J. Blood, Kevin Martin
“Butterfred has been releasing his atmospheric hiphop, grime, dub and ambient-driven hybrids on his own Butterfred Productions label since 2017. His is a committed update of a breakbeat perspective through moody and hazy ambiences that touch upon neo-noir and the logic of rhythm within. For his first outing on Meakusma, he provides six short, yet wide-ranging tracks with a lot of forward momentum. Voice samples and ambientish scapes give all tracks direction, deceptively downtempo beats are at times driving, at times phased-out into the background. There is a definite mystique to Butterfred’s work as it purposely leaves threads unresolved. The focus is on space, a spatial perspective that infuses his music with concrete references to his influences, be it hiphop, dub or even triphop. His sense of space is often very private, yet makes for a kaleidoscopic view, unafraid to be extensive. Butterfred has a very subdued online presence. This EP is his first music to also be released digitally. His work speaks for itself and does so in fragmented jolts of imagination and reduction.”

High in saturated vibes: Butterfred cuts through smoothly with these six freeform beat vignettes. Following previous explorations on his own self-titled label, here we find him cooking up his moody neo noir grooves on cult Belgian label Meakusma but it’s business as usual. Distilled aesthetics that owe as much to jungle as they do hip-hop or sci-fi, each nameless cut hits with glacial, slo-mo prowess in a way that’s both subtle and pretty epic. Fans of Shadow will be all over this.

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