Sinister Ministers
Sinister Ministers
cat. mea002x
release 10" + digital
release date January 2010
mastering Herrmutt Lobby
distribution Rubadub / Clone
artist page

meakusma starts a new series of special, limited releases. On 10inch vinyl and CD, a number of different artists will be contributing tracks, leftfield from the demands and expectations of any weekly release schedule.
Kicking off the series is Madteo, who already prickled initiated ears with his releases on Morphine and its sublabel Lanquid. A native of Padua in Italy, but residing in New York City, Madteo explores uncharted territory in his tracks, making it nearly impossible to pin down his music to any genre or style. References though are HipHop, House and abstract Electronica. The HipHop moments are emphasized by MC Sensational's contributions.
"Sinister Ministers" is an EP rich in contrast, defined on the one hand by a warm, muffled and deep bass sound, on the other hand by digital and breathy string-laden sounds, rounded off with sharp FX-sounds and crispy drums. Madteo has a knack for creating a consuming tension. Elements get either emphasized or abstracted in one way, while filtered or strengthened in another way. His tracks thus navigate towards a fictive climax which is never really reached, only to collapse again.
Another constant are his vocal samples. Through creative editing (he loops, chops and uses effects), they become part of the musical content and rhythmic structure of his music. These samples are however not chosen randomly, instead they manifest his sources of inspiration. On "Made Off" for example, a sample of Bernie Madoff, billionaire fraudster and former chairman of the NASDAQ, explaining that these days it is impossible to cheat on the stock market, plays out Madteo's ironic take on a very concrete situation.
However, social criticism in Madteo's music isn't carried to extremes. Statements in tracks are never put in front of the music. They rather serve as a subtle reference to the artist's point of view and perhaps even emotional stance.
"Sinister Ministers" is a distinctive release. Abstract, suggestive, it takes a stand musically, without making any in your face statements.


Fine heavy slow motion grooves w/ blue “underwater” atmosphere

Since his terrific ‘Memoria’ LP for Morphine Records a few years back, Madteo has been off our radar. He makes a welcome return for Belgium’s excellent meakusma institution, developing his sound into a blend of smack-house and smudged instrumental hiphop that hits tha spot, ahh. The use of cinematic dialogue and slow-cooked, slightly-psychotic house beats on ‘Made Off’ and ‘Sheepdipping’ call to mind Shitcluster mixed with the submerged sensibilities of NWAQ, while the guest appearance from ex-Jungle Brother Sensational on ‘Do What U Do’ suggests agrungy version of Kareem’s Shadowhuntaz beats. We reckon a lot of you will get a good kick out this 10″, don’t sleep, ya heard?!

Eine sehr feine 10″ mit aussergewöhnlich abseitig groovenden Tracks, die sich wenig um den Dancefloor, dafür aber viel mehr um den inneren Groove kümmert und sich immer wieder auf ihre Slowmowelten konzentriert, die manchmal eine Tiefe erreichen, bei der man sich fragt, ob die zerbrochene Magie wirklich alles noch zusammenhalten kann. 5 Tracks für all die, die nach Vinyl suchen, dass ihnen auch in Jahren noch Fragen aufwirft, ohne dabei gewollt sperrig sein zu wollen. Sehr deep.


Tweede release op het meakusma label en opnieuw eentje om in te kaderen. “Sinister Ministers” is van de hand van Madteo, een graag geziene gast op de meakusma feesten. Kenmerkend is de wederom de muzikale diversiteit die op deze 10″ vinyl staat.
Gaande van house tot abstracte elektronica en zelfs hiphop, Madteo kan het allemaal. Opvallend is de creatieve manier waarop hij omspringt met het gebruik van vocals.Doorgans ben ik daar geen fan van, maar hier waren ze toch op hun plaats.
Dit is geen release voor het grote publiek, maar dat hoeft ook niet. Wie eens iets anders wil zal “Sinister Ministers” zeker kunnen smaken.