August Tape Sketches
Jeremy Young
August Tape Sketches
cat. MEA039
release Tape + Digital
release date March 14th
mastering Giuseppe Ielasi
distribution Bandcamp exclusive
artist page
Photograph by Bob Lukomski.
Layout/Design by Meeuw
Additional notes: Polar white transparent Ferro tape with riso-printed slipcase + download card. Edition of 50

Jeremy Young's August Tape Sketches is a work of tonal collage rooted in the exercise of balancing improvisational haptics with focused restraint.
Young is a composer and improviser of concrete electronic tape music from Montreal, Canada. A member of the Montreal-based experimental poetry_sound unit Cloud Circuit as well as a part of the electroacoustic modern classical trio Sontag Shogun, Young's work uses a sine and square wave oscillator system, 1/4" tape loops, captured and filtered radio and EMF signals and sound treatments from amplified surfaces and objects. His primary artistic interest lies in the analog treatment of surface-based audio and the notion that both the audio signal and the media used to record it, should equally contribute to the creation of a sonic narrative.
August Tape Sketches dwells in extended notions of time and space, with melodic fragments repeating and dissolving in intuitive fashion, allowing for a listening experience on the edge of logical musical information. The fragmented takes centre stage as Young develops a narrative of contemplation and indirect emotion. On this album, Young conjures up gently dissociated musical sketches that are soft-spoken yet far-reaching. The musical language used is that of electroacoustic composition, but Young fuses that with a perspective of instinct and benign distance. The definition of things on August Tape Sketches is not one of confrontation, but in the treatment of the sounds used lies its true nature, dreaming up a lullaby of concrete musical.
Guitar and 1/4" tape cut-ups recorded and mixed by Jeremy Young in Montreal, QC in August 2020.


Melancholy and heavily saturated guitar variations from Montreal-based concréte head Jeremy Young – like a meeting point between Godspeed You! Black Emperor and William Basinski.
With a background in electro-acoustic music and tape collage, Jeremy Young might not be the most obvious person to rustle up a personal set of moving lullabies and post-post-rock guitar sketches, but “August Tape Sketches” is exactly that – Young uses his well-honed concréte techniques to recontextualize the nostalgic guitar/tape loop ballad, and his treatments are effective and moving. Each track sounds less a unique piece of work than an attempt to unravel the formula, and as a whole the album plays like a set of memories, processed through distinct, unmistakable ferric vortexes.
If you wanted to know what Canadian post-rock interludes might sound like if they was treated with the same flair and attention to detail as Valerio Tricoli’s Revox-fuck’d output, “August Tape Sketches” is well worth a peep.

Jeremy Young ist ein Tape-Fundamentalist. Die Spulen hat er schon für Labels wie Phinery Tapes oder Moving Furniture aufgezogen, echte Adressen in einer Welt aus Loops und Lendenschurz-Ambient. Für Meakusma aus Belgien wabert das Tapedeck mit August Tape Sketches – neun Tracks, für die man sich auf dem vierteljährlichen Kongress für Nostalgie und Defätismus die Schläfen massiert. Young greift in die Klampfe, lässt Bänder wie Radios rauschen, loopt sich in den In-Between-Zustand, in den man fällt, wenn man im Rausch aus Versehen drei Packungen NeoCitran runterschüttet. Der Puls bewegt sich im ungesunden Bereich. Die Augen fallen zu. Irgendwann schläft man ein, um zwei Stunden später aus den ärgsten Fieberträumen hochzujagen – verschwitzt, das Bett ein Boot, geil!