Het Blokfluitasiel
Angélica Castelló & Lukas De Clerck
Het Blokfluitasiel
cat. MEA048
release CD + digital
release date December 15th
mastering Giuseppe Ielasi
distribution Bandcamp
artist page
Recorders and Paetzold recorders: Liese Boeyé
Eléonore De Grave
Juno Ghysels
Maika Lettens
Soheila Razgui
Kasper Schalckens
Leen Schalckens
Sarah Sobry
Ella Vermote

Organ: Suzan Arman
Elija Wiesemes
Simon Saam

Artwork by Judith Eckhardt & Steven de Kort

This project is a coproduction between Q-O2, Meakusma, Jetse Academie Muziek- Woord-Dans and Musikakademie der DG and funded by Österreichisches Kulturforum, Vlaamse Gemeenschap and Ostbelgien.

The new Het BlokfluitAsiel album features a live recording of the piece developed by Lukas De Clerck and Angélica Castelló and a gorgeous electroacoustic piece composed by Castelló using recordings made during the preparational phase of the project.

Het BlokfluitAsiel was a collaboration between instrument builder, musician, and artist Lukas De Clerck, composer and sound artist Angélica Castelló, and music teachers Katelijne Lanneau and Matthias Verniers. Their pupils (recorders from the music academy of Jette/Brussels and organists from the music academy of the DG, department St.Vith) performed the piece, invited to explore their own creative approaches to sound, improvisation, composition and performance. The piece was composed collectively, based on a concept by Angélica Castelló, aiming to establish a profound connection between Lukas de Clerck's piece/machine AirBag/14Holes, the organ, and recorders. AirBag/14Holes consists of a large central air cushion with 14 bulging cones and constant air flow, activating the BlokfluitAsiel, a collection of abandoned, unused recorder flutes donated for the project.

Mönschter is an electroacoustic piece by Angélica Castelló, drawing inspiration from the atmospheres cultivated during the work on Het BlokfluitAsiel. The young artists involved in this project often likened the immense sound they collectively generated to that of a gentle monster. Snippets recorded during the production and development of Het BlokfluitAsiel are worked into a trademark Castelló piece that invokes a subconscious dreamlike state both elegant and deeply engaging.

Het Blokfluitasiel was recorded live at the church of Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Brussels, on September 11, 2021.
Recorded and mixed by Lukas De Clerck.