Bright Bars From The Stars
Pieter Kock
Bright Bars From The Stars
cat. MEA049
release LP + CD + digital
release date June 2024
mastering Rashad Becker
distribution Rush Hour
artist page
All compositions by Pieter Kock except Bright Bars From The Stars and This Bamboo is Poisoned by Pieter Kock and Dominik Peacho Noé.

Different Edits of Snowy White Hammond Birds and Haunted Back To The Future appeared on "Who Told You You Were Naked" (Tape By Full Body Massage)

Mastering & Cut by Rashad Becker
Art by Pieter Kock and Meeuw

Producer Pieter Kock, active also as a DJ under his DJ Peacock guise, is known for being one of the people behind the legendary O Tannenbaum bar and club, a haven of sorts in Berlin nightlife for years, and the newly opened second O Tannenbaum called Schankwirtschafft O Tannenbaum. He has released some of his own music on labels such as Musikii, RIO, Full Body Massage, Fantasy Fiction Records, Moonwalk X, and Invisible Inc, and has extensively collaborated with people and projects such as Meeuw and De Fabriek.

His new Bright Bars From The Stars album on Meakusma is a dizzying amalgam of moods and influences. From ghostly and contemplative tracks to spaced-out and dubbed-out dark dancefloor psychedelia infused with melodics, phrasing, and percussive patterns reminiscent of pop and avant-garde alike, Bright Bars From The Stars features a full album on vinyl, with an extra CD included. Kock is a versatile chronicler of the night, capturing the beauty, loneliness, and endless possibilities of wide avenues pining for neon lights, futuristic descents into past moods and modes, and all.

14 tracks in total, Bright Bars From The Stars is a cosmic, at times gentle, at times confrontational affair that brims with ideas and influences. Combining sounds, rhythms, melodies, and textures from a wide variety of sources and meanings, Pieter Kock brings all of his influences together, intent on finding new paths of thinking and feeling. His pictures printed in the CD booklet give some kind of indication of his artistic process, without ever wanting to push things in any kind of direction. Cocktail bars of a dystopian future, unite! Bright Bars From The Stars is the soundtrack to a very encompassing and transformative night out.


Cosmic dubbed-out dancefloor psychedlia from Berlin on the Belgian Meakusma Label

Slowly, slowly does it for sud trader Pieter Kock, taking his taste for lower BPMs to new levels with his suite of crawl-paced froth for fans of Tolouse Low Trax and Vladimir Ivkovic