Bryce Hackford
cat. mea017
release 2xLP + digital
release date November 2015
mastering Rashad Becker
distribution Clone
artist page

Recorded at 79 Lorimer Street St, The Watermill Center, 100 Grand St
Feat: Brittany Bailey, TJ Maiani, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Jon Shapiro
Tech: Peter Pearson
Sand commissioned by Olivia Wyatt / Insight for Turquoise Tones,
all songs published by Touch Tones Music Ltd.
Cover: Ian Lawrence Campbell
Design: Georgia

On November 16, artist, producer and DJ Bryce Hackford will release 'Behind', his second full length since 2013's Fair and his first for meakusma. Behind is an expansive collection for Hackford who draws from experimental, process-oriented composition techniques to create sensorially engaging dance music. An ethos of presence, enrichment and dissociation pervades Behind,stripping away the constructed-ness of so much club music, Hackford allows himself to produce music that is as much a joy to create as it is to share, an ambassador of "ecstatic states" as he calls them, His music suggests heightened temporal zones may be ubiquitous if you allow them to be. 'Behind' is a proposition of the aforementioned states, its music pulsing vitally at opposite ends of the BPM spectrum. Distinctly unmotivated by polemic dialogues around dance music, this album seeks a more soluble musical space for unmitigated engagement. It is music inspired by transitions, no less vital before sunset as it is after the curtain call.


The work of Brooklyn-based Bryce Hackford as always been tricky to accurately pigeonhole, sitting as it does somewhere between classic ambient, drone, skewed electronica, experimental deep house and woozy, left-of-centre synth-pop. As frustrating as this is for critics, it invariably makes his albums pleasingly listenable. That’s definitely the case with Behind, his third full-length in as many years. Impeccably atmospheric, analogue rich, wearily melodious and, on occasions, hypnotically drowsy, it pleasingly drifts between curious vocal numbers, slowly pulsing instrumentals, beatless odysseys and tactile, saucer-eyed bliss. While still fearlessly experimental in outlook, it’s also his most accessible and well-rounded collection to date.

Fine leftfield House and beyond album