The Word Radio
The Word Radio

For the second meakusma show at the new radio station of the Brussels-based The Word magazine, we are happy to present an eclectic one hour mix of meakusma employee and jack-of-all-trades David Marama/Lari Fari. The second hour will consist of an exclusive live recording by Laraaji & Carlos Niño, from the AmerLab x Meakusma concert at the Alter Schlachthof in Eupen on November 11, 2017.



First half :
Lori Goldston – Friends, Neighbors
Pancrace – C
Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann – Parting Light (Suite)
Varkenshond – Yabane Nempela Longaye (on 33rpm)
K. Leimer – Testimony and Honor
Céline Gillain – Youth and Beauty
Jean Guerin – Gaub 71
Benedict Drew – A
Miki Yui – Dans Moon
Unearth Noise – Redemption
Giusto Pio – Ananta
Roger Döring & Konrad Korabiewski – Flucht
Enhet För Fri Musik – Fragment Av En Midsommarnattsdröm
Federico Durand – Una Plaza Junto A Las Vías Del Tren
Second half :
Laraaji & Carlos Niño live recording at AmerLab X meakusma concert