“Open Sounds”

Those Behind Us That We Follow is a radio show by Olaf Karnik for German radio station WDR 3 on experimental music in Belgium today. Taking its name from a piece by bass clarinetist Ben Bertrand, the show centers around the band Razen and their ritualist drone folk, Timo van Luijk’s La Scie DorĂ©e label, Ben Bertrand as well as Aksak Maboul, forefathers of experimental music in Belgium. It further talks about Les Ateliers Claus, Qo-2, K-RAA-K, Ultra Eczema and Stroom. We are happy to have contributed an interview on the workings and profile of Meakusma to this very interesting show that will be broadcast this Saturday February 13th from 10 PM till midnight and will afterwards be available for a week from Sunday February 14th onwards on the website of WDR 3.