Make the Meakusma Weekend your own & Timetable
Make the Meakusma Weekend your own & Timetable

Ever since we announced the lineup of the Meakusma Weekend and our Radiolab, people have been asking us whether it is possible to attend the proceedings in Eupen. Although we greatly appreciate the fact that our audience seems very motivated to still come to Eupen and experience everything live, we are sorry to have to say that the Radiolab, due to the Covid-19 crisis, cannot be attended. We can however announce now that youth center X-Dream, located right next to the Alter Schlachthof in Eupen (our traditional festival venue that will be home to the Radiolab this year) will be broadcasting the Meakusma Weekend in full, every day from 12PM till the end. There will be a bar and a terrace where people can comfortably enjoy the broadcasted performances. All Covid-19 regulations will be fully respected. People who wish to set up camp in Eupen can bring their tent and set up in the Ettersten fields next to the Alter Schlachthof. Please be informed there are no camping provisions.
We also encourage everyone that has a venue, bar or any other public space to broadcast the weekend live and turn it into an event. When doing so, we of course urge you to follow all Covid-19 guidelines. They are in place for a reason. If you decide to turn the Meakusma Weekend into an event in your own space, feel free to tell us about it and we will then publish your event on our promotional channels.
There are several ways to plug into the Meakusma Weekend broadcast. It will be streamed in full through Seanaps, Sphere Radio, Cashmere Radio and the Meakusma website. Ida Radio, Radio Panik and Corax Radio will stream selected content from the weekend.
In attachment you can find the timetable for the Meakusma Weekend. We apologize in advance for any sudden changes that might occur. The current Covid-19 situation makes for an improvisational edge when organizing an event of this nature. Thanks for your understanding.
We furthermore regret to inform you that the performance of Llorenç Barber and Montserrat Palacios at the Friedenskirche during the Meakusma Weekend has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis. They will not be replaced.
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