Klankenbos Nocturne
Klankenbos Nocturne

On November 2nd, Meakusma together with Musica, the Europalia Arts Festival, C-TAKT and Dommelhof will be presenting a night intent on creating an immersive listening experience at the Klankenbos (forest of sounds) i Neerpelt, Belgium. Four artists get carte blanche to create a work in the forest, focused on deep listening to the sound environment and thereby creating a new experience.
Choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle, together with local youth dance group Imago Tijl, will present ‘Hear In The Woods’, a human soundscape in the middle of the forest wherein movement is merely an auditory truth.
Romanian sound artist losif Király and the german artist-researcher Chistine Ulke has developed the ’88 clouds will rain for you’ piece, an ode to the sixties and George Hendricks, in the framework of Europalia Romania. His piece will be brought to life with the sound of water running throughout the space.
Field recordist Félix Blume spatializes the sound of fog horns from Greece on his new album ‘Fog Horns’. He will do a live spatialization of this piece in the forest.
Francisco López, the iconic sound artist and experimental musician, will present a selection of sounds that he has recorded in forests from the Amazon to Borneo, from Canada to South Africa over the past three decades. His performance will feature a multi-channel surround sound installation.
This edition of Klankenbos Nocturne is a mini-festival in the evening hue. People are invited to come early and explore, by bike, the results of the SITE SPECIFICS workshop led by Félix Blume in different areas of the Pelt region.
7 p.m.: Benjamin Vandewalle – Hear in the woods (full)
8 p.m: Iosif Király – 88 clouds will rain for you
9.15 p.m.: Felix Blume – Fog Horns
10 p.m: Francisco López – Immersive forest concert