30.01.16 - Foyer
30.01.16 – Foyer

On January 30, Foyer is back and proud to feature live performances by Ambiq, the trio of Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin and Samuel Rohrer, and percussionist Eric Thielemans, backed by DJ’ing by Lalai Drama.
Ambiq is the new project of Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin and Samuel Rohrer, digging into the rich pool of their respective influences. With Loderbauer on his Buchla 200e modular synth, complemented by jazz clarinetist Puntin and percussionist Samuel Rohrer, both also playing electronics, the trio conjures up a unique and extremely expressive vocabulary that bridges jazz, electronic and electroacoustic music and Neue Musik. Improvisational and in the improvisation often surprisingly direct, Ambiq adds to the canon of electronic music that centers around live performance. Their two very elegant albums on Arjunamusic are proof of the intent and possibilities of the Ambiq project. More than just a fusion of electronics and jazz, Ambiq takes their influences to their logical extremes without ever making a fuss about it. Softspoken, delicate and elegant, their live performances invite the audience to join in on the adventure.
‚ÄčEric Thielemans is a genre-bending percussionist and drummer that was clasically trained, but then wandered out into jazz, free improvisation and modern music in general, creating a musical universe entirely his own. Musically raised in the eighties, Thielemans has a determined muti-disciplinary perspective. His interests include the performing arts, theatre, poetry and modern dance. He has collaborated with a wide range of sound and visual artists, performers and dancers. His solo work has been released on Ultra Eczema, Sub Rosa and Miasmah‚Äč.
Before, in between and after, local DJ Lalai Drama will play records, showcasing his musical versatility that has its basis in hiphop but that has meanwhile added a plethora of adventurous music both old and new.

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