24.07.15 - Goethe-Institut Brüssel & meakusma at Recyclart Holidays
24.07.15 – Goethe-Institut Brüssel & meakusma at Recyclart Holidays

PG Sounds is an alter ego of SVN & Philip Gelberg, known for their deep house and experimental music cuts on the Sued and Acido label. The PG Sounds project focuses on different than house music rhythms, often admitting to Latin or hiphop influences. The production ethic is as always with SVN based on infusing dark and wayward sounds and patterns with club music energy and a non-obvious conclusion. Finn Johannsen is a DJ and writer, most known for his eclectic and informed DJ-sets that take underground house music in the broadest sense as their starting point. He also co-runs the Berlin-based Macro Recordings label and works at Hardwax. This is Johanssen’s first time DJ’ing in Belgium. Given the fact he is one of the best and most outspoken DJ’s in underground club culture today, we are very excited about having him over.

Viola Klein has so far released two beautiful house records, drenched in alternative house music and disco music history. Introspective and non-confrontational, these two records have been hailed as essential updates of the house music paradigm.