14.11.15 - Foyer
© Pierre Bastien
14.11.15 – Foyer

French musician and composer Pierre Bastien builds up his music with traditional instruments, motors, found objects and shards of paper. His music allows many cultural influences to pop up and often hints at heartbreaking chanson or light-footed blues. For Foyer, Pierre Bastien will present his “Silent Motors” project in which instruments made of paper, machines and musicians from times past, through video recordings, conjure up a poetic and refined musical universe.

Philip Schulze is a composer and plastic artist from Düsseldorf. He composes for acoustic and electro-acoustic ensembles and programs his own responsive instruments. In September, he released his second double album “Ambassador Duos” on which he collaborated with Anthony Braxton, Christian Jendreiko, Detlef Weinrich and Andrew Raffo Dewar. For his concert in Eupen, Schulze will play live electronics, accompanied for the first time by Apparent Extent founder Volker Zander on cello.

Volker Zander, who was once the bass player for alt-country band Calexico, has been running his own Apparent Extent label since 2005. The label focuses on so-called artistic releases. Before and after the concerts, he will present some extended versions of music from the Apparent Extent catalogue, highlighting tracks by such artists as Johanna Billing, Toulouse Low Trax, William Tyler, Karl Holmqvist, Franziska Windisch and many more.

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