I was listening Sheree Renée Thomas ‘ music intensively and tried let it to inspire me. Thinking about a connection to the actual situation of the pandemic and its influence to me and my activities during last year. Music and acoustic is not my usual business, but this year, during the isolation I started learn playing didgeridoo. For the practicing I took up with the overtone analyzer – the computer program, which can display tones and overtones of any sound and helps musician or singer to control his or her play or singing… So I used the composition by Sheree Renée Thomas like a master and recorded my own singing inspired by it. This way I and my singing was infected by her and her music and singing. Then I put the graphic record of her and my “music” together and created the graphic record, which I am sending back to you.

Bildschirm­foto 2024-02-01 um 20.52.28