– Fire:
The fire was the main factor that I perceived when I first heard Lee Scratch Perry & Richard Reed Parry’s mix by Obsolete Capitalism. it wasn’t easy to surpass, therefore it became also a pillar in my visual creation. Fire could be a start and could be an end. For me it was the major sonic infection that I had to deal with using my selfinvented “remedies”.

– Inside / outside:
Fire as a border, referring to Obsolete Capitalism definition, was the second infection. The binarial value of a border can be indeed compared to the fire. Protection from a side and an isolation from another, this led me to the method I used while filming my body as a “border”.

Safety measure:

– The body:
My body as an element is a general safety measure that I tend to use. It’s the first instrument that I have, where I could pose questions and try to find their answers. Whatever type of infection I was about to be hit by, I decided to refer to my body as a safety angle where I could develop the next transmission.

My face is fragmented in a sort of in-between moment, being on the edge between two tracks: The isolating fire and the protective fire. This concerns also my all over skin, protecting the inner side from the outer side. Macro lens has scanned various parts of my “border” skin, to be then fragmented digitally. A falling border facing an
invasive fire.

“Fotonik Noise” – Ali Beidoun