Roméo Poirier & Ohme,  Hocus

Kino Corso
Bahnhofstrasse 14
4780 Sankt Vith

Doors open 19:30
Start: 20:00
Presale 12€+fee (get your tickets here)
Door: 14€

Roméo Poirier & Ohme, Hocus

Roméo Poirier‘s Tales of Entropy is an audiovisual performance that combines generative music, polarised light microscopy, and computer vision, produced by the Brussels-based ArtScience production house Ohme. A stage-mounted microscope scans through organic samples, revealing transitional states of matter and its fluctuating patterns, which are projected live on stage. Poirier receives different signals from the live analysis of the images and transforms them into a sensitive musical exploration of the structures of organic matter, merging analog and digital tools. Moving between ambient fields and thunderstorms, Tales of Entropy creates a series of live audiovisual paintings that are as thought-provoking as they are sensorily engaging.
Electronic musician Roméo Poirier focuses on the heavy processing of samples and on making digital collages. His 2022 album Living Room on the Faitiche label transforms the layering of different times into a free-flowing pulse that sounds both nostalgic and mysteriously ahistorical. Ohme is a Brussels-based ArtScience production company focused on research and education. It produces artworks, science mediation devices, events, and exhibitions and coordinates educational programs and interdisciplinary research projects in ArtScience. Poirier and Ohme will be performing Tales Of Entropy live at Mutek Barcelona, warming up for Autechre, just a few days before their appearance in St. Vith.
Hocus is the solo moniker of Portuguese-born experimental musician João Almeida. He has released Narrow on the Portuguese Colectivo Casa Amarela label, CLASS COMPLEX on Cara Podre records, and three self-released EPs as part of a digital series on his own Bandcamp page. Known for his deeply disturbing live performances in which he uses his pocket trumpet to create heavily distorted harsh noise loops that conjure up a sense of paranoia, Almeida often makes noise music that is brutal and harsh, yet full of texture and almost ecstatic moments of climax. For his concert at Kino Corso, he has decided to walk a different path though, as he intends to delve into fourth world music in the vein of Jon Hassell, confronting the genre with his own aesthetic and musical approach.


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