Pavel Tchikov

Studio Néau
Park Loten
4700 Eupen

Start: 18:00
Tickets: Free

Pavel Tchikov

Pavel Tchikov is a composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist based in Belgium.
His main band is « Ogives », an octet that combines classical language (couterpoint, tintinabuli, polyphonies, etc) with rock and electronic music. He composes, plays bass, guitar, modular synth, sings and writes some of the lyrics in the band.
In parallel he leads his solo project « Anamnesis », where he mainly plays modular synth, sometimes associated with guitar or theremin, or some acoustic intruments (gongs, tubular bells, objects), and produces a great variety of genres, from techno / idm to musique concrète.
He is also involved in various collaborations with musicians such as Farida Amadou, Phil Maggi, G.W. Sok, Tom Malmendier, Olivier Praet, thisquitarmy, … He’s a member of free improv’ collective « l’Œil Kollectif ».
In his spare time he runs a studio and label called « la rouille » or builds some sound installations, audio gear and makes album covers in metal.