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Mutant Radio

On Saturday May 29th, Mutant Radio, the great mobile internet radio station mainly based in Tbilisi in Georgia, will be featuring an eight-hour Meakusma special featuring DJ-sets by Pretty Sneaky, Disrupt, Mark Cremins, Sensu, Kaneski and the Meakusma DJ’s.
So come Saturday, sit back, organise your own Covid-proof event of choice and enjoy this genuine marathon of music from artists in the Meakusma sphere. Many thanks go to Mutant for inviting us to contribute to their often stunning lineup!
Tbilisi is on GET, two hours ahead of CET.
Pretty Sneaky is one of the most original voices in contemporary electronic music, fusing dub, free jazz, field recordings and minimal music influences on his acclaimed releases on his own Pretty Sneaky label and on Mana. Disrupt has been fusing bits and bytes with dub since 2003. He is nu-dub original, boasting an informed perspective and a rare open-mindedness as shown through his versatile catalogue. Mark Cremins sometimes runs the R=A record label, and helps people put out records. Sensu is a DJ and producer focused on club and experimental music alike. He has released music on Youth and Meandyou. Kaneski is a DJ and producer with a past in Hip Hop and turntablism, ever on the lookout for the wayward beat, blending different moods and grooves. Introduction and outro to all proceedings by the Meakusma DJ’s.
Running order :
3 PM GET / 1 PM CET – Meakusma DJ’s
4 PM GET / 2 PM CET – Sensu
5 PM GET / 3 PM CET – Pretty Sneaky
6.30 PM GET / 4.30 PM CET – Mark Cremins
8 PM GET / 6 PM CET – Kanesk
9 PM GET / 7 PM CET – Disrupt
10 PM GET / 8 PM CET – Meakusma DJ’s