meakusma at Recyclart

Rue des Ursulines 25
1000 Bruxelles

Start: 22.00
At the door: 10€

meakusma at Recyclart



meakusma returns to Recyclart with an all-star line up of legends and new super talents. Expect deep, relentless beats, grooves and textures that move forward, however still earthed in the rich tradition electronic club music has built up by now.

The collaborative effort between the legendary DJ Pete (of Scion, Substance and Chain Reaction fame) and Sleeparchive has been going strong for a few years already, but is now firmly moving into focus with a mind-blowing appearance at last year’s landmark “Hard Wax XX” party in Berlin. For the first time in Belgium, these two Techno deities stand for a seductive and deep Techno music, that avoids the obvious and intents on further developing Techno as a cutting edge genre.

Ra.H hails from Lebanon, but has been living in Italy, where he started up his already seminal Morphine Records label in 2005. The Morphine sound uses a House music template but broadens it with subtle experimentalism, creating a deep and modern analogue sounding club music that is highly original and that breathed new life into a club scene dominated by made-to-measure minimal House or Techno.

Kassem Mosse’s sound is also based upon analogue synthesizers and drum machines. Call it Techno, but he often surprises with sounds that seemingly do not fit into any category. Releases on Microdisko and especially on Workshop have cemented his reputation as on of the most original and daring producers around today.

Immer.Chic has had a few tracks released already. He warms up the night with an amalgam of stranger, deeper tracks, the result of years of crate-digging and looking for the unexpected.

Note: Please don’t waste your time taking pictures. You can just dance and let us provide you with digitized memories. Our website will feature pictures of the event afterwards, for you to be used and abused.


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