Laurine Frost, Church Andrews & Matt Davies, Lexi Disques, Grimwig

Kiosk Radio
Parc Royal

Start: 17h
End: 22H
Entrance is free.
With the kind support of Ostbelgien

Laurine Frost, Church Andrews & Matt Davies, Lexi Disques, Grimwig


For a special late afternoon at the Parc Royal in Brussels, Kiosk Radio, the Canadian Marionette label, and Meakusma join forces to present live performances by Laurine Frost and Chruch Andrews & Matt Davies, and DJ sets by Lexi Disques and Grimwig. For the occasion, an extra soundsytem will be installed next to the Kiosk studio. Below the phantom trees, shimmering with blue, dark and white, join us for a night of mesmerizing performances at the highest of summer.
Laurine Frost (Marionette, Lyka – HU) Live
Hungarian producer Laurine Frost creates abstract, utopian soundscapes that brim with jazz, dub, and psychedelic influences. Throughout his recorded work, he always aims for an approach free of structural boundaries. He co-runs the Lyka label and has released on Marionette, as well as on many other labels. Laurine creates impossible geometries out of all kinds of echoes and influences, conjuring up a very modern version of things past.

Church Matthews & Matt Davies (Odda – UK) Live
Church Andrews (aka Kirk Barley) and Matt Davies play live electronics and analog percussion as a series of sonic organisms, semi-mechanical ecosystems that click and whirr with subtle, shifting focus. Composer and sound artist Church Andrews produces textural, organic work, formed from processed studio and field recordings. Drummer Matt Davies’s work focuses on rhythmic explorations and warped synths. They recently released Yucca, an exploration of the outer limits of rhythm.

Lexi Disques (Lexi Disque – BE) DJ
The Lexi Disques label from Brussels dedicates itself to 7inches of pop with an adventurous twist. Run by Catherine Plenevaux, Lexi Disques has built up a reputation as a haven for music in a shorter format, exploring the more adventurous realms of pop music by keeping many musical options completely open. A Lexi Disques DJ set is intrinsically open-ended and eclectic, as is shown on their radio show for Kiosk Radio.

Grimwig (Marionette – CAN) DJ
Grimwig, real name Alif Safi, runs the Toronto-based Marionette label. Defining Marionette as a label for electronic and electroacoustic music, Grimwig plays DJ sets intent on avoiding club music conservatism, instead focusing on creating a mesmerizing and shape-shifting wayward musical stance. Marionette has quickly become a cult label appealing to lovers and practitioners of the deeper end of dance music and groove.