Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Majer

Alter Schlachthof 
Rotenbergplatz 17
4700 Eupen

Start: 20.00
End: 23.30
Entry: 5€

Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Majer

For a performance on Saturday November 16th 2019, we have invited Canadian producers Jonathan Scherk and Daniel Majer. Their split album It’s Counterpart will be released on Jan Jelinek’s Faitiche label on October 4th 2019.
Scherk and Majer produce contemporary sound collages on samplers, laptops, etc, using raw material from YouTube videos, field recordings, cassettes and LPs found in the dollar bin. They do not concern themselves with the material’s original context, instead focusing on the sound’s character and the channeling of a wealth of information, setting their work apart from other collage artists.
Their It’s Counterpart album is like a heated centrifuge whose spinning extracts all join together all of the harmonies ever pressed on vinyl.
Jonathan Scherk has been a part of Canada’s thriving underground ambient scene for almost a decade. His textural, loop-oriented style shows his focus on the interplay between technical process and aesthetics, with technique and interpretation engaged in equal measure. His debut tape of serenely oscillating synths and gentle syncopation was released under his 80(sun) moniker in 2010 and went on to collaborate in electronic trio Plays:four. He self-released his first ambient album Catalogue: 1-12 and followed its hypnotic sound on his Modelled LP, a journey through percussive clicks, acousmatic euphoria and glitchy nostalgia.
Majer is an electronic musician and sound artist with a body of work that spans multimedia installations, sound design, original scores for award-winning short films, solo and collaborative laptop performances and classical forms of ensemble composition as well as collaborations with visual artists. His debut solo album Isla 14 is a spacious exploration of minimal digital melody and sound deterioration.
This event will take place on the first floor of the bistro of the Alter Schlachthof. Before and after the performance, the Meakusma Soundsystem will appease and upset your eardrums accordingly.