Jeremy Young

Studio Neau
Park Loten
4700 Eupen

Tickets: 5€ or pay whatever you can
Start: 15:00

Jeremy Young

Jeremy Young is a composer and maker of concrète electronic tape music from Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. He is a member of the electroacoustic modern classical trio Sontag Shogun and the poetry_sound unit Cloud Circuit, among other roving projects. In 2021, Young released Amaro, a personal LP built around electroacoustic compositions and improvisations using oscillators and tape, organized in duet performances with multidisciplinary artists Pauline Kim Harris (String Noise), Ida Toninato, Markus Floats, Dolphin Midwives, Deanna Radford, Johannes Bergmark, filmmaker Tomonari Nishikawa, and legendary creative figure Vito Ricci. In 2022, August Tape Sketches, a collection of tape loop collage sketches for improvised solo guitar, was released by Belgium’s Meakusma label.
Here in Eupen, Young will perform new sketches for oscillators and tape culled from his forthcoming record, Cablcar (2025).