Goethe-Institut & meakusma night // CANCELLED

Alter Schlachthof
Rotenbergplatz 19
4700 Eupen

Doors open: 21.00
Presale: €15 (get your ticket here)
At the door: €20 Students / €12

Goethe-Institut & meakusma night // CANCELLED



Shed pres. The Higher (XL Recordings – GER)
    • re:ni
    • Phillip Jondo
 (Dekmantel – GER)
    • Sagat (Vlek, Lexi Disques – BE)
    • Thomas Defise (Les Flaneurs – BE)


Julion De’Angelo (Sound Signature, meakusma – USA)
    • Viola Klein (Viola Klein, Workshop, meakusma – GER)
    • Senga Ferreira
 (Trading Places Records – BE)
    • Gråzon (RDV – BE)


Trii Group & Hipolito (Stroom – GER)
    • Museum Of No Art (Séance Centre – GER)
    • TIBLSC
 (sferic – GER)
    • Nosedrip (Stroom – BE)
    • Islas & Alex (Kiosk Radio – BE)


On December 18th, the Goethe-Institut Brussels and Meakusma present a one-nighter in Eupen, featuring Shed, re:ni, Phillip Jondo, Julion De’Angelo, Viola Klein, Trii Group, Museum Of No Art, Nosedrip and many more. 
The collaboration between the Goethe-Institut Brussels and Meakusma dates back years and we are happy to once again jointly organise a night of both club and experimental music, much in the same vein our collaboration originally started with nights organised in Brussels and Eupen. Cancelling the Meakusma Festival two years in a row, we are thrilled to be able to set up this event and we believe we have secured a lineup of amazing talents, from both Germany, Belgium and beyond, with established names as well as relative newcomers to the scene. 
The Alter Schlachthof in Eupen will thus again be host to our event as, on December 18th, we will use three rooms of the venue, two with a focus on dance music and one focusing on experimental and listening music. 

The Halle room will welcome live performances and DJ-sets by Shed pres. The Higher, re:ni, Phillip Jondo, Sagat and Thomas Defise. 
Shed [DE] will be presenting his new project The Higher. For almost 20 years now, he has been one of the most vital voices in contemporary techno music, running his own Soloaction Records label and releasing instant techno classics on Ostgut Ton, 50Weapons, Monkeytown and many others. His evocative live sets have an unsurpassed raw power, merging rough dance floor skeletons with detailed melodies, harmonic structures and airy arrangements. 

re:ni’s [UK] sets join the dots between her dub influences and contemporary bass-driven techno, electro, jungle and breaks. With shows at clubs like Panorama Bar, De School, Robert Johnson and Fabric and a monthly slot on NTS Radio, she brings a distinct UK sensibility to the dance floor. She will be releasing her debut record soon. 

Phillip Jondo [DE] is a longtime resident of Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf and London’s NTS Radio, breaking down the essence of dancehall, R&B, jungle, rap and bass-heavy techno into challenging, yet highly impactful sets. He co-runs the Spa Recordings label and has recently shifted his focus towards the studio, crafting grimy club meditations alongside Melbourne’s DJ Plead and composer / double-bass player Maxwell Sterling.

Bass and techno producer Sagat [BE] has released on labels such as Vlek, Lexi Disques, BXL Records, Bepotel and Meakusma. His dancefloor-focused cuts show an incredible attention to detail and an openness to experimental influences. 

Les Flaneurs is a collective co-started by Thomas Defise [BE], intent on throwing parties all over Liège, Belgium. His DJ-sets take a less straightforward path, focusing on abstract groove, mood and introspection. 


The Kesselraum will be taken over by Julion De’Angelo, Viola Klein, Senga Ferreira and Gråzon. 
Julion De’Angelo [US] is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ based in Detroit. With experience playing in a number of different groups – from free jazz and metal, to noise and punk –  it’s this experimental sensibility and familiarity with the avant-garde that he brings to each of his musical endeavours. In all of his work, there is acute attention to the impact of vibrations on bodies, as well as the energetic relationship that can occur between musician and listener. He released a debut split-EP called “Roots That Talk” with Thomas Xu, on Sound Signature and collaborated with Viola Klein on the acclaimed We 12inch, released jointly by Meakusma, Ominira and Viola Klein. 

Viola Klein [DE] is the house music ‘auteur’ behind two beautiful and contemplative yet powerful house music records on her own Viola Klein imprint, next to releasing music on Meakusma and Workshop. Her work explores the social forces inherent in house music. Klein works as a film editor, DJ and writer. Her origins are in jazz theory which she combines with a filmmaker’s perception. She has been hailed as one of the most original voices in house music today. Her DJ-sets are eclectic celebrations of house music spirit. 

Senga Ferreira [BE] are DJ Chris Ferreira and producer ShunGu. They have joined forces for their debut LP Take The Evil Spirit Away, set to be released on October 17th on Belgian independent label Trading Places Records. Producer ShunGu has been dropping cosmic sounding beats since 2012, with an extensive back catalogue of over thirty beat tapes on bandcamp, while Chris Ferreria is one of Brussels’ most in-demand DJ’s and a resident of the city’s ground-breaking party concept C12.

Gråzon [BE] is the alter ego of DJ and producer Lukas Richter. His sound is based on groove and edge, referencing the beginnings of house music, with a backdrop of mood and ambience. He has released music on the Parisian Rdv Music label. 


The Speicher room of the Alter Schlachthof will focus on experimental and listening music, serving as a de facto chill out room. 
Trii Group + Hipolito [DE] test out an arrangement of micro-melodies, overtones, electro-acoustic percussion and voice with the help of trigger drum machines, fm modulation, sampler, sequencer and prepared acoustic instruments in order to detect repetitive sonic solutions that scratch upon a state of aimless focus and sensorial needs. The Belgian Stroom label has released much of their work and will release an amazing album by them again soon. 

Museum Of No Art [DE] is Mona Steinwidder, a musician and freelance artist and co-founder of several labels. As Museum Of No Art, she has released an acclaimed album on the Canadian Séance Centre label. She is also a member of the experimental pop band Me Succeeds and collaborates with producer Christian Löffler. Her music as Museum Of No Art floats in a hazy lacuna, in between realities rooted in propulsive and deep bass resonance, but also footloose, playfully deconstructing language and mixing in layers of echoing synthetic and organic tones.


TIBSLC [DE] sculpts hazily ambiguous yet meticulously detailed sounds, hypersensitive to nanoscopic movements and fleeting midnight moods. Blending subtle environmental recordings with processed digital noise and feedback, his work is distinguished by an arcing narrative quality, intimate and voyeuristic. In May 2021 he released his debut album Delusive Tongue Shifts – Situation Based Compositions on Sferic. 

Nosedrip [BE] from Belgium runs the Stroom label, has a show on NTS and is one of the prime voices in Belgian club, ambient and experimental music alike. With Stroom, he has unearthed killer archival gems from the 80s and 90s Avantgarde. As a DJ, he sets moods like no-one else, leaving audiences gasping for air. 

Islas & Alex [BE] run the morning show on Brussels-based Kiosk Radio. Focusing on cosmic harmonies and spheres, their aim is for the glory and deeper meaning of the universe.


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