Daisy Ray, Elastic Systems, Dj Taxwram

Stille Post
Malmedyer Straße 4
4780 Sankt Vith

Doors open 19:00
Tickets: Presale 12€ / Door: 14€

Daisy Ray, Elastic Systems, Dj Taxwram

presented by ArsVitha & meakusma

Live performances by Daisy Ray and Elastic Systems and DJ action by Taxwram will light up the newly opened Stille Post in Sankt Vith on October 26th.
Belgian producer, musician, and DJ Daisy Ray‘s interaction with sound is characterized by an intuitive bricolage-like playfulness. Imagine clubby bitter-sweet nursery rhymes turned to feverish dreams. She runs a radio show on Kiosk Radio where she delves into the incredible range of music and genres that influence her. Her debut album Shelly, released on the Heat Crimes label from Greece, is a testament to her love of serendipity. Using any kind of instrument in an intuitive and improvised way, Ray reframes the jerky energy of post-punk into an extremely personal, theatrical, and even ceremonial whole, where her dreams become our reality, a hypnagogic, half-remembered menagerie of characters, themes, and references that overflow with life an intent. A Daisy Ray live performance is an extremely entertaining and highly rewarding experience that uses fearlessness as a way to away to achieve open-ended clubby redemption.
Elastic Systems from Nantes, France are musician, DJ, sound engineer, producer Thomas Durand, and drummer, graphic designer, and illustrator Arnaud Aubry. With Elastic Systems they explore human-machine interaction with polymorphic rhythmic modules and evolutive synthesis, conjuring up elastic, semi-improvised compositions that continuously distend and deform. Exploring the possibilities offered by electronic drumkits and midi technology, Elastic Systems’ music ends up somewhere on a free-form and driving platform of chiptune, IDM, krautrock, and experimental music. At times the synthesizer plays percussion, at other times the drum kit takes on the role of bass or piano. Think quirky dancefloor-oriented stuff that upsets body and mind.
Taxwram is Thomas Jodocy from Sankt Vith, Belgium. His sets touch upon ambient, industrial, noise, experimental, techno, and more, intent on a dark, hypnotic, meditative, driving, atmospheric, disturbing, and sonorous musical experience. He runs the Rhythmic/Rituals show on Eupen community radio Studio Néau. Taxwram will play records before and after, showcasing his ability to set moods in impeccable fashion.


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