arkoada x meakusma

Karl-Marx Platz 16-18

Start: 22:00
Entry: 10€

arkoada x meakusma

Back at Arkaoda in Berlin on November 26th. Live sets by Dip Friso, Ectoplasm Girls, Jake Muir and Guy Lee. DJ action by Sensu and the Meakusma Soundsystem.
From Glasgow, Dip Friso, founder of the Real Landscape label Murray Collier, cuts up dub, hiphop and vibes of introspection and bewilderment. His music is incredibly rich in ideas and influences, unafraid to be bold, outspoken, deeply and substantially absurdist and pointillistic and referential. Flux and contemplative stasis in one, Dip Friso makes good on musical promises unheard and unchartered. Ectoplasm Girls are Nadine and Tanya Byrne from Sweden. They produce some of the most appealing and direct noise and experimental music around, managing an almost accessible and immediate stance on music supposedly difficult and outlandish. Jake Muir is a sound artist and field recordist originally from Los Angeles who focuses on found sounds, whether vinyl loops, radio snippets or environmental recordings. Entranced by the understated Illbient genre, Muir’s music delves into cavernous options hitherto unexplored. Guy Lee is Guy Gormley, whose solo and collaborative work under the RAP, Special Occasion and Never guises defines the musical sphere of his Jolly Discs record label. Using field recordings, ambient sketches and beats, Gormley infuses club music with a provocative and evermore idiosyncratic stance.
DJ action before, in-between and after by Sensu and the Meakusma Soundsystem.


Dip Friso (Real Landscape)
    • Ectoplasm Girls (iDEAL)
    • Jake Muir (Sferic, Ilian Tape)
    • Guy Lee (Jolly Discs, Enchante)
    • Sensu (Youth, meakusma)
    • Meakusma Soundsystem


Ostbelgien Province-de-Liege