Alto Fuero, Bathub, 5PS, Dj Meeuw

Amstelveenseweg 134
1075 XL Amsterdam

Open doors: 20.00
Entry: 10/12,5€
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Alto Fuero, Bathub, 5PS, Dj Meeuw

Heady vocals, synthetic Andean flutes, otherworldly percussion and hand-played reggaeton, Alto Fuero invents world music from an imaginary world and stretches the notion of folklore in all directions. Formed by Victoria Palacios and Loto Retina, two artists active in visual arts as well as in music, the duo makes each of its stage appearances a unique performance, linking avant-garde and popular cultures.
The super team of Robert Bergman & TBZ create oddly formed dance music for night scrubbing. Theirs is a high voltage machine grime channeled to go straight down the plughole. Both very active solo musicians – it’s a rare treat to catch these two performing together live. Make sure you are there for the soundcheck.
5PS is a sound collage project from artist James Grunfeld. He records various industrial materials put under different levels of stress and tension. This performance will mark the debut presentation of the project. You might know James’s visual output from the Wah Wah Wino releases (the label he also records on as Gombeen & Doygen with Morgan Buckley).
The Meeuw Muzak label was founded during the mid 90s in Maastricht. After several years in Amsterdam, the label found its current home in Brussels. Its output has been stunning, releasing countless gems over the years (including a stream of deadly Christmas singles). Meeuw Muzak is a strictly 7inch label and a mean 7inch DJ, bringing many styles.

Alto Fuero (BE/FR)

Bathtub (RB & TBZ)

5PS (IE, Wah Wah Wino)
DJ Meeuw (Meeuw Muzak)