Wolf Müller


Wolf Müller

Percussion, jaw harp, vocal snippets, gongs and bells, is what characterizes the sound of German producer and DJ Jan Schulte aka Wolf Müller. In his various outputs and aliases of musical mysticism, elements of disco, funk and ambient come together in his very own style. The choice of picking this descendant of Düsseldorf’s influential Krautrock history for a journey through Kalimantan’s rural music traditions was obvious.
Wolf Müller went to Indonesia, recorded, jammed, learned and thought music in the deep woods of the beautiful island Borneo. Other focus of his journey was to collect some of the traditional instruments he learned to play and use for his upcoming EUROPALIA concerts. We don’t know yet how the wedding of German bongo funk and Indonesian tribal traditions will sound, but we’re very curious! Earcandy for voodoo-lovers