Caroline Lessire



Born during the early genesis of Chicago Experimental dance music aka House. He was highly stimulated by the unknown sonic textures that caressed his ears at dance parties thrown by his grammar school where older kids would come and dance using esoteric gestures while dressed in very strange garb. He was introduced to vinyl at a very early age by his father who was a dj and in 8th grade received his first set of turntables. This led him to start stealing disco records from his collection and cutting school to prowl local record stores Chicago. Highly inspired by the frenetic energy of Ron Hardy; he studied the coveted cassette tapes learning sonic manipulation theories, tape edit techniques , and turntable dynamics from the master. Later seeing Ron and other Chicago Djs at parties throughout Chicago whenever he could sneak out of the house he realized the social responsibility of the DJ as a shamanic Force that elevates the dancer to a higher frequency of consciousness.
During the late 90’s he and best friend SSPS would commandeer Chicago loft parities from unsuspecting dj’s thru subversive mind control techniques. And in 1998 he disappeared on what was supposed to be a 2 week trip to dj in Mexico City. He resurfaced 7 months later in NYC where he was rejoined by SSPS and started throwing a weekly party in Brooklyn called Arcadia as well spinning at haunts throughout the city.
It was around this time he made his first foray into music production, but it wasn’t until he returned to Chicago in 2004 that he His Distress with the mediocrity that was rising out of the vapid Chicago Dance Scene led him start producing music for his own sanity as BelowUnderground. Peferring to remain in obscurity most of these tracks were used as Dj tools for he and close friend SSPS Often the two would exchange tracks over their private FTP server. In 2008 he lost all of his music from a malfunctioning external hard drive. Severely distraught he underwent a symbolic death as a studio producer and was reborn as the performer SvengalisGhost: a child of light and magic. He uses hypnotic rhythms and a fork tongue to seduce thru coercion. Your will is his to possess.