Sun Papa & Lawrence Le Doux
Merlin Meuris


Sun Papa & Lawrence Le Doux

Sun Papa & Lawrence Le Doux is a tokusatsu superhero TV series from the 1980s. The series was produced by Nippon Gendai and Tsuburaya Productions, and aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System from October 8, 1982 to April 8, 1983, with a total of 26 episodes. Based on a script by Hiraoka Kimitake for Kaiju Theatre Company, and initially planned as a one-time sequel to the critically-acclaimed ‘The Insect Humanoid Masquerades as a Woman’, the subsequent success of the premiere led to its adaptation as a full-fledged TV series. 
Set in present-day Luxembourg, an evil alien race simply known as ‘The Others’ is plotting to take over the Earth, using an assortment of daikaiju and other fiendish means. Professor Sun Papa, a semi-retired musical dilettante from The Fan Club Orchestra, is assigned by the intergalactic authorities to investigate the threat. He discovers that when he eats Herve cheese his alter-super-ego Lawrence Le Doux (played by Angelo Maggio) jumps out from his head, fully grown and clad in armour More significantly, Lawrence Le Doux has the ability to grow to immense heights – when coming in contact with water – to fight giant monsters. 
Lawrence Le Doux has a vast array of super-powers at his disposal to fight ‘The Others’, including a sword that extends from his groin, missiles, and laser beams. He can also behead enemies with a single kick or change his body into a multiple-slicing machine/blender. In later episodes Sun Papa sometimes summons a giant cyborg vehicle called ‘Mouche Man’ as back-up (upon formulating the command ‘Mouche-Fight Two Dash!!!’). It has a red and silver pattern and a light on its belt that blinks when it´s running out of power.