Joek One



Subjex is a nice boy who never sleeps, never eats, never watches television, doesn’t go to the hottest night clubs but who smokes, drinks and talks too much about music software. He likes bad jokes and music that makes a lot of noise. Having grown up in a noisy environment, his brain suffered many injuries and so today he is incapable of composing House, Garage or Trance, but he tries… Thus, by pure opportunism he has turned to an environment where his musical dyslexia will not shame him and is composing these things that we call “tunes” containing loud and sometimes disorganized rhythms accentuated with synthetic chuckles and digital cracks, sometimes its cheery, sometimes morbid. C’est la vie!
MMM… What else can we say?
Everything is done with a PC, because it’s cheaper and it works pretty well. He also managed to make some friends and put them in a collective which mixes, with nary a care ,numerical arts and electronic music under the totaly class and catchy name of Bedroom Research. He recently earned the respect (or pity) of several other dyslexic around the world who thought it good to cut his music on vinyl or CD: Planet Mu , Combine, Somia or Schematic.