Senyawa feat. Patshiva Cie


Senyawa feat. Patshiva Cie

Anyone who has ever experienced the explosive Javanese duo Senyawa at work, is no doubt reminded of vocal artists Mike Patton or Diamanda Galas and of an intangible musical impact with a punk streak. This unique duo from Yogyakarta transformed traditional Javanese music through avant garde experiment and a serious injection of punk. Instrumentalist Wukir Suryadi builds his own instruments and frontman/singer Rully Shabara screams/pants /mumbles /sings and impresses with his unbelievable vocal technique.
Patshiva Cie is a 25-member polyphonic female choir that resides in Brussels. At the helm: choir leader Dounia Depoorter and choreographer Fatou Traoré who has French-Malinese roots and earned her stripes with/collaborated with Rosas (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker) and Alain Platel.