Omen Jot's


Omen Jot’s

1998 saw the birth of ampoule Records in Scotland. The initial release was the Lucky and Easy EP. From that beginning came various other aliases such as Moped Endo, Omen’s Jot and Pub. Pub is the most prolific of these, receiving rave reviews for the seminal “Summer” and the selling out of “Do you ever regret pantomime?” after a promotional tour of UK, Ireland and Germany. Luckily, a license of DYERP was requested by a collaborating label in Japan and is still available from
Each artist in ampoule has destinctive quirks. Pub’s style has been described as Basic Channel on Acid. Lucky and Easy is recognised by it’s cheeky and humorous qualities, see some of the track titles. Omen’s Jot is more twisted, Hardcore Acidfunk lunacy for the dance floor and Moped Endo is slick and sick Drill and Bass Acid.